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Since their humble beginnings, Giro has had an altruistic goal: to make your riding experience as fun and safe as possible. They’ve been on the cutting edge of protection and performance since 1985, having brought us some of the most unique and innovative designs along the way. Not only do Giro’s products feature bold and unique aesthetics, but they also boast some of the best technology in the industry. Among their most coveted products are their Helmets, which feature the best and latest in safety technology. Most recently, they’ve brought us the MIPS technology that was designed at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. After 19 years of research, MIPS is made to protect you from both linear and rotational impacts, keeping you safer in real-world crash scenarios.

Like their helmets, Giro’s Cycling Footwear line has made tremendous technological headway in recent years. One example is their revolutionary Techlace™ closure, which allows some of their shoes to weigh in at a mere 150 grams each. Combine that with an ultralight upper that’s bonded to woven carbon fiber sheeting, and these kicks are nothing less than extraordinary. If you’re looking for light and supportive gear with industry-leading tech, look no further than Giro’s cutting-edge products.