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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless System

Item #: TU407Z00
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Stan's NoTubes Tubeless System

The No Tubes Tubless System Tire Sealant will convert your standard tube/tire to a tubeless tire! Consult to see which tires are suggested for use with the system and advice on your specific rim.

  • All Mountain 29er fits most 29" rim widths of 25-28mm
  • Cross Country 29er fits most 29" rim widths of 21.5-25mm
  • Downhill fits most 24" and 26" rim widths of 36-39mm
  • Enduro fits most 26" rim widths of 25-28mm and 29" rim widths of 24-26mm
  • Freeride fits most 24" and 26" rim widths of 27-34mm
  • Standard fits most 24" and 26" rim widths of 21-24mm

4.3 / 5.0
59 Reviews
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Not the best thing since sliced bread
I converted my 4 bikes (3mtn and one cx) to Stan's this summer and after 6 months of using it, I have mixed feelings. One the one hand, it does seal small pinhole leaks from thorns well when the sealant is fresh. On the other hand, it's one giant pain in the rear to deal with on the whole. There's a definite learning curve with this stuff that I'm getting pretty sick of. Some tires work well with it, others don't. It's always a gamble as to what will seal up and what won't. Mounting tires can be easy or a real pain and forget doing a quick tire swap because nothing's easy whe it comes to S(a)tan's. I've had minor sidewall abrasions that wouldn't faze a tubed tire not seal up and ended up putting a tube in on the trail which is a slimy mess. I've had the rediculously expensive rim strips fail at the valve several times while trying to air them up on the trail...apparently you're not supposed to use a micor pump with these so you better carry co2. In the dry climate that I live in (Colorado) the sealant dries out in about a month and needs to be refilled so you're always buying sealant. Yes, you will avoid pinch flats and can run lower pressures ( a little) but go too low and the tires can 'burp' which is when the bead unseats and lets all the air out. I've had this stuff fail on me in races which is really frustrating. I'm kind of torn when it comes to Stan's...I don't really know that it's better than tubes. If you live in an area with lots of thorns (like I do) then it may be worth it. You can run lower pressures for increased traction and a smoother ride (love it on the cx bike) but it's really high maintenance and when it fails on the trail, you're putting a tube in anyway. I keep swearing that I'm going back to tubes but I haven't because I think that the advantages barely outweigh the disadvantages. This is a good idea but it's not the be-all, end-all of anything. One thing that I'd like to try and what may end up being the best compromise is to run tubes with Stan's sealant inside.

PROS: Good For Small Leaks

CONS: High maintenance
December 22, 2012
Fort Collins, Colorado
Great Kit
Put it on a SUN RIM CR18 had a hard time putting on the kit using a floor pump(no Luck)but once i used a air compressor it went on in less than 5 sec.
My bike feels a lot lighter NO MORE TIRE STRIPS, SLIME TUBE with thick walls.
February 26, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
As above
As above. Even the bike shop had to keep it an extra night, to re-do the front tire. They said the Spesh tires 'can be finicky'. WORKS! Came back from a ride last evening, pulled out FOUR goatsheads from my front tire. Every time I pulled one out, it hissed for about 2 seconds, a drop of milky fluid came out the hole, than that sucker was SEALED. Repeat this 4 times. The stuff flat out works. My tires are still hard this morning. I'm sure I'll have to refresh the levels every few months, because it does dry out eventually. But I am sold. I think when you're getting that bead set the first time, it needs RAPID inflation; read:"compressor". If you don't have one, or are not that experienced with tubeless, it's worth the money to pay a wrench to do it right. After that, you can maintain it yourself. Recommended.
August 23, 2011
Orange County, Ca
Best Thing ever
I use this on my Diamond back recoil comp. and i am out in turkey and there is alot of things that can cause a flat on these trails. Ever since i put stans conversion kit on my bike. i have never had a flat. now i can ride with our BeerBellyBike club and not have to worry about flats anymore. Thanks Stans this a great product and i will recommed it to a friend

PROS: No more flats, Easy to use and setup, Seals Holes Instantly

CONS: Nothing

BEST USES: Moutain Biking, Its Good All Around, Road bikes, Street Bikes
October 29, 2012
Adana Turkey
Get the real deal for your conversion
It may be tempting to concoct your own home brewed solution but just get the real thing and save the headaches of a ghetto system. This one works great when set-up correctly. Some say it's a bit costly but this should last you for years to come so just get it and go tubeless!
October 31, 2012
Rifle, CO
HIGHLY recommended, but a couple caveats
I regualrly ride in areas plagued by goathead thorns. Conventional tubes with sealants work OK, but inevitably fail. If that happens out on the trail, good luck patching the leaks. So I would usually bring TWO slimed tubes as spares. But changing a slimed tube that has bled to death in a tire is a messy proposition.

The thing I couldn't wrap my mind around with tubeless tires is what to do *when* (not *if*) they go flat out on the trail. Trying to install a spare tube in a tubeless tire that's probably bristling with thorns seemed like an unlikely workaround.

Then a friend and tubeless convert enlightened me. The reason a tubeless tire eventually goes flat is because it has run out of sealant. Assuming the tire isn't completely worn out, all you need to do is add more sealant. You don't need a spare tube - you need a small bottle of sealant. If your tire goes flat, simply unhook a small portion of one bead, pour a couple of ounces of sealant, rehook the bead, and pump the tire back up.

That convinced me, and I bought my first Stan's Notubes conversion kit along with a pair of UST tires. The system workes very well with a couple of caveats:

1) The tires need to be compatible with the sealant, which smells like it contains ammonia. I discovered that Kenda Nevegal UST tires were NOT compatible with the sealant, and eventually blistered and completely failed rather spectacularly on the roof rack of my car at the end of a ride. I switched to Panaracer Fire XC Pro UST, and have never had a problem with the sealant breaking the tire down. I have run four pair completely bald on two different bikes. I heard Kenda was going to offer tires that were compatible with the sealant, so I may revisit them since I really like the Nevegal pattern.

2) If you use a Silka brand brass air chuck to inflate your tires, realize it can put a lot of stress on the valve stem when you remove it. I pulled a valve stem right out of a Stan's Notubes rim strip when I removed the chuck after inflating a tire. On a related note, make sure you follow the installation structions and round the edge of the valve stem hole in the rim.

PROS: Reusable, Easy to install

CONS: See Comments
November 6, 2013
Murrieta, CA
As one would expect the sealant and strips with valves do their job. The tape was quite ineffective. Used a heavier and wider gorilla tape to stop leaks. Also bought the injector syringe, but it was pretty much useless. The scoop is fine - and easier.

PROS: Strips With Valve, Sealant

CONS: Tape
April 14, 2014
Doha, Qatar
Does not seal leaks!
Inflated easy and rides good. But the stan's sealant won't seal up, the pinhole size leaks on the side walls of my specialized tires. I followed the directions step by step and watched the youtube video. I just keep adding air, shaking and flipping the tires. About 8 hours inflated and 75% of the leaks have stopped. I hope this isn't a waste of money.
March 6, 2012
Aiea, HI
Makes even the fiddliest rims air tight
I've set up a number of wheelsets tubeless now with minimal difficulty, that was until I got a set of Hope Pro4 Enduro wheels. I could not get those buggers to seal until I used this tubeless kit. After using this kit I managed to get them taped, the tyres installed and aired up first try.
May 1, 2017
6 months ago
SF Bay Area
Goodbye Flats!
Installed Stan's No Tubes kit on my Niner Jet 9, with Mavic Crossride wheels and Maxxis Minnion tubeless ready tires. It's been one year without a flat. Used to flat nearly every ride. Last straw was 3 flats in one 10-mile ride. So I decided to go tubeless. Wish I'd done it sooner!
April 22, 2017
over 2 years ago

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Do i need specific wheels for this?
Johnnnn on Dec 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You might need tubeless ready tires. It should be ok to use with any rim. I tried with a normal rim , but my tires were not tubeless ready, so it didnt worked the first time.

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