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6 Bolt Brake Rotor


Shimano RT66 6-BOLT Disc Brake Rotor

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Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor The Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor features a lightweight and sleek design that is super reliable. Shimano SLX RT66 6-BOLT Rotor Specifications Hub/Disc Compatibility: 6-Bolt Disc Pad Compatibility: All Pad Compounds Rotor Size (mm): 203mm, 160mm, 180mm Rotor Type: One Piece Includes rotor fixing bolts and non-turn washers


Galfer Floating Wave Disc Brake Rotor

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Galfer Floating Wave Disc Brake Rotor Diligently made in Spain, the Wave Disc Rotor is Galfer's research and development at its' best.Utilizing a lightweight floating design,each rotor is laser cut and double-disc ground from high carbon stainless steel for powerful, progressive and modular braking in both dry and wet conditions. An anti-corrosion treatment is applied to the high carbon stainless steel to increase longevity. The Wave's high temperature resistance properties ensure stopping ...


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Hope Standard Disc Brake Rotor

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Hope Disc Rotor Smooth as butter braking It's a given, you care about every component on your bike. So if you have an old rotor you are looking to replace, this is a great bet. This new design, with a wider braking surface, makes them more compatible with other manufacture's brakes. They feature fantastic durability, as they are laser cut from a sheet of custom steel. Hope Disc Rotor Features CNC machined and laser cut ...


KCNC Razor Disc Brake Rotor


KCNC Bikes make high quality bicycle components that embody both form and function. The Razor rotor is made of stainless steel and is built to be strong. the large cut-aways allow heat to dissipate quickly so braking is always reliable. 6 bolt design