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Headsweats Eventure Skullcap Hat


Headsweats Eventure Skullcap Hat Chilly in the winter; sweat running into your eyes in the summer? The Headsweats Skullcap is the answer. Using Eventure Knit fabric, the Skullcap fits comfortably under a helmet, sitting just above the ears to wick away perspiration and protect the top of your head from the sun during warm days, while providing just enough insulation to keep your head warm during cold days. Features: Keeps heads cooler on warm days ...


$16.50 25% off $22.00 msrp


Pearl Izumi Inrcool Skull Cap

$16.50 25% off $22.00 msrp

Pearl Izumi In-R-Cool Skull Cap You have just bought a brand new super-ventilated helmet which has an insane amount of venting ports. How do you keep the sun from scorching your scalp? The Pearl Izumi In-R-Cool Skull Cap puts a 40 UPF barrier between you and the sun. This will keep away the, not so desirable, patchy sun tan pattern you have seen around your local riding group and on some of your friends heads. ...


Giro SPF30 Ultralight Skull Cap


Giro SPF 30 Ultralight Cap Rid The Brim We love classic cycling caps, so you won't hear us down talking brims. However, we understand that brims may not be for everyone. To put it simply, the Giro SPF Ultralight Skullcap is a classic cycling cap gone brimless. Where it's not so classic is in its SPF 30 X-Static® Performance Jersey mesh construct and power mesh side panels that keeps your head cool and dry during ...