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Clif Builders Bar - 12 Pack

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Clif Bar Builders Bars are a crispy and chewy, high protein bar made with entirely natural ingredients. High in Protein: 20g of soy and nut proteins Entirely natural with 33-35% Organic ingredients 23 vitamins and minerals No Trans Fats or hydrogenated oils


Clif Bar - Single


Clif Bar - Single When it comes to feeding your body, nothing beats real food. With a mix of whole grains, protein and fiber, CLIF BAR gives you sustained energy for your workout, your workday or your weekend adventure.


Clif Mojo Bar 12 Pack


Clif Mojo Bar 12 Pack Do you need a high-energy snack? Clif Mojo Bars have enough protein to sustain you until your next meal. With wholesome ingredients and satisfying flavors, they're garaunteed not to disappoint. 70% Organic Low Glycemic High in protein


Clif Nut Butter Filled Bar 12-PACK

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CLIF Nut Butter Filled Bar Fresh out of the CLIF kitchen, the foodie and athlete approved, CLIF Nut Butter Filled Energy Bars are hitting cyclist jersey pockets everywhere. They're a whole new kind of energy bar that adds the deliciousness of creamy Nut Butter to their already great energy food packed bars. Sustaining your energy never tasted so good. Features USDA Organic Non-GMO 7 grams (9% DV) of plant-based protein Low glycemic