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$114.99 58% off $275.00 msrp


Shimano SH-RP9 Road Shoes

$114.99 58% off $275.00 msrp

Shimano SH-RP9 ROAD SHOESBuilt to meet the demands of the discerning roadie, the Shimano SH-RP9 Road Shoe comes loaded with a slew of features that will optimize your pedaling performance and help you focus on the ride more than you focus on the fit of your shoe. The SH-RP9 features two velcro strabs with a ratcheting buckle that lets you dial in a secure, comfortable fit.Through Shimano's Dynalast technology, the SH-RP9's toe-spring section is optimized ...


Shimano SH-RP9W Road Shoes


Shimano SH-RP9W Road Shoes Shimano's SH-RP9L Road Shoes are beautiful, redefining what the perfect mix of aesthetics, comfort and power transfer are all about. The shoe is also ready for your long days in the saddle. Designed for the SPD-SL platform, the shoe features heat moldable Custom-Fit Technology in the upper and insole ensuring that you'll have a comfortable, performance-enhancing fit. The adaptable closure system adjusts to various instep heights and shapes, assisting toward that ...


Shimano SH-RP9 Road Shoe


SHIMANO SH-RP9 ROAD SHOESThe Shimano SH-RP9 is a flagship road performance shoe that delivers unparalleled comfort and efficient performance on long rides. The supple, microfiber synthetic leather upper provides superior fit and venting. A light carbon composite outsole is optimized for long ride stiffness. The external curved heel cup secures your heel and foot, while a durable, wide heel pad provide walking stability.FeaturesMicro-adjustable Boa® IP1 dial with hidden wire routingOptimum ...


Shimano SH-RC7 SPD Shoes


Shimano SH-RC7 Road Shoe At the competition level, the perfect shoe is just as important as any other part on your bike, in fact, think of your shoes as an extension of your bike. It is the main contact point between you and your bike, it's where the power transfer is made from your body to your bike, and when a fraction of second stands between you and the podium, you can't afford any wasted ...


Shimano SH-XC7 Wide SPD Shoes


Shimano SH-XC7 Wide SPD Shoes An off-roading XC shoe that puts comfort and performance at the forefront; The Shimano SH-XC7 Wide SPD Shoes are here to provide you with a great time on the saddle. They're ultra-rigid and feature a carbon reinforced midsole for improved power transfer. The Boa IP1 and Powerzone wire will hold your foot securely allowing you to pedal away and put the power down without any loss in power transfer. Features ...


Shimano SH-XC31 MTB Shoes


Shimano XC31 MTB ShoesShimano introduces the all new XC31 off-road Sport shoe. Construction highlight include a tough, stretch resistant synthetic leather upper, Cross X strap, and a glass fiber reinforced polyamide sole. The Shimano Dynalast and an adaptable cup insole, provide a custom fit for comfort and improved pedaling efficiency. Shimano has put their 22 years of engineering experience to use and continue to refine components, apparel and footwear for today's more versatile and ...