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Orbea Orca M10TEAM Bike 2018


Orbea Orca M10 team bike 2018Conquer Mountains. Climb Podiums.As most high-end bicycle manufactures outsource product engineering, Orbea demonstrates a rare paradigm of in-house engineering. By conducting all engineering within the walls of their Basque foundation, Orbea is able to relentlessly tweak until perfection is met. Orbea has repeatedly placed the Orca frame under the loupe and scalpel in an intensive operation to trim weight from its already insanely lightweight frame. while not ...


Orbea Avant M30 Team Disc Bike 2018


Orbea Avant M30 Team Disc Bike 2018The Avant is an extraordinary bike, versatile and capable of a wide range of uses. Ride it just as it comes and customize it to your hearts content in the future. The frames is both disc and rim brake capable, and offers standard or electronic internal cable routing.The Orbea Avant is supplied with a drivetrain dominated by Shimano 105 11-speed components and is highlighted with a set of hydraulic ...


Orbea Orca M20 Team Disc Bike 2018


Orbea orca M20 Team Disc Bike 2018Orbea's dedicated race horse, the Orbea orca M20 Team Disc Bike 2018 occupies their revamped geometry and fit philosophy. The phrase "race geometry" can often produce assumptions of merely a steeper head angle and a smaller wheelbase. As these are true in the Orca, Orbea didn't stop there. The distances between axles drop allow for a snappier bike that take corners with ease and has exceptional footing when you ...


Wilier Zero.7 Dura Ace Bike 2018


Wilier Zero.7 Dura Ace Bike 2018The Wilier Zero.7 Frameset 2018 is the lightest bicycle ever produced by Willier-produced with the goal of setting a new design standard for ultra-light racing bikes. Aside from being one of the lightest road frames the Wilier Zero.7 Frameset uses modern cycling technologies such as: cable integration, integrated fork, and better aerodynamic efficiency to produce a bike that performs just good as it looks. The Wilier Zero.7 Frameset 2018 features ...