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Schwalbe Fat Albert Rear 27.5" Tire
SAVE 66 %
MSRP $80.00
Lizard Skins Dsp 2.5mm Bar Tape
From $34.99
SAVE 13 %
MSRP $40.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 27.5" Tire
SAVE 73 %
MSRP $92.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Table Top 26" Folding Tire
SAVE 15 %
MSRP $47.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Rocket Ron OE 27.5X2.6" Tire
SAVE 65 %
MSRP $84.95
Award Winner
Schwalbe X-One 700C Tire No Pckg
SAVE 56 %
MSRP $39.00
Award Winner
Lizard Skins Dsp 3.2 Bar Tape
From $32.99
SAVE 25 %
MSRP $44.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Magic Mary 27.5" Addix Tire
From $49.99
SAVE 46 %
MSRP $92.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5" Plus Tire
SAVE 56 %
MSRP $90.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Fat Albert Front 27.5" Tire
SAVE 75 %
MSRP $80.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 27.5" ADDIX Tire
From $57.00
SAVE 8 %
MSRP $62.00
Lizard Skins Moab Lock-on Grips
SAVE 7 %
MSRP $30.00
Award Winner
Lizard Skins Grip Plug Canister of 100
SAVE 10 %
MSRP $35.00
Award Winner
Schwalbe Pro One 700C Tire
SAVE 18 %
MSRP $85.60
Award Winner
Schwalbe G-One Speed 27.5" Tire
SAVE 23 %
MSRP $81.43
Award Winner
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There is nothing that feels better than a new component on your bike. Whether you are replacing a broken part or upgrading from your current componentry, everyone is excited to test out their new setup. Maybe you just got some wider handlebars for more stability, super grippy tires for more traction, or a more comfortable saddle for your behind, changing one or more components on your bike can equate to an overall better and safer ride experience. We all ride bikes because they are fun. We might as well make that as fun as humanly possible. Here at JensonUSA, we have a huge selection of bike components to take your bike to the next level. Enjoy the ride like never before!

So, what is important to consider when purchasing a new component for your bike? It is very important to confirm that the component you are buying is compatible with your current bike. As the bicycle industry expands, more and more standards seem to be popping up with it. As annoying as this can be, many of these new standards have tangible benefits to the ride quality of the bicycle. Areas of the bike with high levels of standards include but are not limited to, wheel axle spacing, bottom bracket sizing, seat-post diameters, drivetrain speed, and proper tubeless installation requirements. If you are purchasing a new frame, there are many standards that need to be addressed. This new world of standards can be hard to navigate at times. That is why we have an entire team of Gear Advisors ready to answer any questions you may have. Chat with them online at the bottom right corner of our website, or call them at 888-880-3811. They are pleased and excited to help you with any questions or concerns you have.

Whether you are looking to replace a single part of your bike, or navigating the process of building your dream build from the ground up, we would love to help you in any way we can. We are a group of individuals who live bicycles, talking to people who share our passion is always a treat for us.