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Bike Protection

We invest a lot of money in our bikes and usually treat them better than we do our cars. Our non riding friends just can’t understand why we treat our bikes the way do. They are like works of art and we must do what we can to keep them protected. That’s why Jenson USA carries a wide selection of bicycle frame, fork, and suspension protection from such brands as Lizard Skins, ESI, Race Face and more. These devices are made to cover susceptible areas of our bike and protect them from scratches, chips, or dents. They come in a few different forms, from neoprene sleeves or silicone tape to stick on carbon fiber patches.

Probably the most widely used form of frame protection is the chainstay protector. The chainstay is especially susceptible to damage because it’s under constant bombardment by a bouncing chain. The most popular way to keep this from happening is by getting a chainstay protector like those by Lizard Skins. The Lizard Skin chainstay protector is constructed of neoprene and comes in various sizes to fit almost any chainstay. Lizard Skins also makes neoprene boots for suspension forks and rear shocks.

Another effective method of protecting your bikes finish is with the use of stick on patches. These patches from such brands such as All Mountain Style, Effetto Mariposa (aka Shelter), and Lizard Skins come in a variety of shapes and sizes to protect everything from your bike’s headtube, to the downtube, and chainstays. They do a great job of deflecting strikes from trail debris as well as protecting from cable rub and chain slap.

For those of us with steel frames, there is one last method of protection that we must consider. That is protection from moisture and rust. For this application Jenson carries JP Weigle spray on frame saver. This aerosol spray is designed to be sprayed to the inside of the frames tubing prior to build up. Once applied any rust will be prevented from starting and your steel frame will bring many happy miles for years to come. If you have any questions at all, please dial up an expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811.