Bike Goggles

Nothing is worse than bombin’ down the mountain on a nice summer day and then having something fly in your eye causing you to have to come to a stop. That is where bike goggles come into play. Mountain bike goggles are designed to be used in concert with a full-face mountain bike helmet. Similar to cycling glasses, they are designed for full coverage over the eyes while not blocking a rider’s vision. Goggles are fully adjustable to most helmet sizes and come with an adjustable strap to keep the goggles tight against your face and have padding around the outer rim for increased comfort.

Some of the most common debris riders experience out on the trail are bugs, dirt and dust, and water. Goggles protect the rider from all these elements with their impact-resistant lenses. The lenses of the goggles aren’t just for protection though. Many mountain biking goggles come with special lenses that are loaded with unseen features. One major issue cyclists have with sunglasses or bike goggles is fogging. When you build up too much heat, your glasses or goggles will start to fog up making it near impossible to see. Many MTB goggles, like Oakley goggles and 100% goggles, come with an anti-fog lens. This allows riders to ride with confidence that their vision will never be impaired.

Other MTB goggles, like the Smith MTB goggles, come with Chromapop lens technology which amplifies detail and enhances natural color, similar to a polarized lens. This provides riders with the tools to see more details while riding so they can charge down the mountain harder and faster. Lenses are easily replaceable in the unfortunate event that a rider crashes and brakes the lens. Some brands, like RockGardn, even come with RX goggles inserts so you can get prescription lenses put in.

Mountain bike goggles are an essential part of downhill mountain biking and here at Jenson USA, we’re all about mountain biking. If you’re curious what bicycle goggles or cycling sunglasses we’re stoked on, just ask our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.