Brake Parts & Accessories

Having the lightest-weight bike so you can go fast is nice and all, but none of that will matter if your brakes aren't able to stop you properly. Having the right Brake Parts & Accessories will ensure that your brakes are working the way they are intended to work. Brakes can be a confusing subject for some, though. Brake parts are not universal and most brakes require special Brake Adapters, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Hydraulic Lines & Fittings, and Rotor Bolts.

Finding the right Brake Adapters for your bike can be confusing to some but it's actually pretty simple. Forks and frames are designed for a specific minimum rotor (or disc) size and if you want to go to a larger rotor size than what your bike is designed for, then you'll need a brake adapter to move your brake caliper out further so the larger rotor can fit. There are several types of brake mounting styles like post-mount, IS, and flat-mount, so make sure you get the right brake adapter to fit the type of brake mount your bike has.

Brake Pads are a little less confusing to deal with and will often fit inside different brake calipers. The main thing to worry about when it comes to brake pads other than the fit is the compound of the pad itself. For road bikes that use rim brakes, there are carbon rim specific pads and aluminum rim brake pads. For bikes that have disc brakes, there are resin pads and metal pads.

When using hydraulic disc brakes, you'll need to special Hydraulic Lines & Fittings if you plan on shortening your hydraulic line or replacing the line altogether. Most brake lines and fittings are brand specific, so if you're using SRAM brakes, you'll want to get a SRAM hydraulic line kit.

Rotor Bolts are extremely simple to use. Typically disc brake wheels will have one of two styles of rotor mounts: centerlock, or 6-bolt. 6-bolt rotors use... well, 6-bolts, and centerlock rotors use a lockring that threads onto the wheel similar to a cassette lockring. Centerlock specific wheels can be adapted to 6-bolt with special adapters with ease.

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