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Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries was founded in 1995 in Boulder, Colorado by a couple of guys that needed bags but couldn’t find anything that met their standards. They bought the toughest and most durable materials they could find and headed into their garage and started sewing. Chrome Industries made their first Chrome bag with a Juki sewing machine. They used a few yards of Cordura military grade truck tarpaulin and loads of commitment. All to make a bombproof bag that works on and off the bike. They strived for simple, useful, and resourceful solutions to make an original messenger bag with salvaged seatbelt buckles. Over the last twenty years, Chrome Industries has made useful and durable gear for professional messengers, fixed gear freestyle riders and urban commuters. Their range of street-tested bags, footwear and apparel adapt to the changing unpredictable nature in city living. They make simple, functional gear built with industrial-strength materials and features that work on the bike and in the bar. They also make gear that protects people and their things from the elements without looking like you came from the mountains. Chrome Industries makes things that are meant for people who live in the cities.

Chrome industries is about knowing how to work hard, playing hard and riding just as hard. Chrome Industries believes that the city shapes us as much as we shape the city. Living in the city is where creativity, risk, community, and pure grit come together to make a lasting impression on our surroundings. Chrome Industries makes gear for people who want to grab their life by the handlebars and hold on for the ride.

In 1997 word had spread out about what Chrome Industries was up to. Soon, enough people were knocking on their door. What started out from necessity became a business with ethics: Build functional products that people can rely on and do it well. In 1999 Chrome Industries started incorporating salvaged seatbelt buckles into their shoulder strap to make them easier to take off and put on. These new prototypes became Chrome Industries’ signature bag. In 2001 the griffin logo was created by graphic designer Stephen as an embodiment of the brand. The following year Chrome Industries relocated to the bay area, the premier hub for messengers. In 2004, being as anti-nonsense as they are, Chrome Industries moved from a plastic buckle to a metal buckle to ensure some of the best durability around. In 2007 Chrome Industries produced their first shoe: The Milo. They took inspiration from one of their favorite punk records form The Descendants. It was launched at the North American Cycle Courier Championships 2007 in San Francisco. This is the premier race where the King and Queen of bike messengers are crowned. With the Chrome Industries headquarters remaining in SF, they opened up their second Chrome Hub in New York City. Since then they’ve also opened up Hubs in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Washington DC, Denver, a second San Francisco location and recently expanded to Tokyo and Osaka.

Some of the Chrome messenger bags like the Mini Metro Welterweight Messenger feature a bottle opener for after your ride, not before. It also has a commercial-grade, five-bar seatbelt webbing, reflective straps for low-light visibility, and a weatherproof tarpaulin liner. That means it will last you a long time and will be with you for thousands of miles. So whether you’re looking for Chrome clothing or a Chrome cycling bag, you’ll find what you need at Jenson USA. If you have any questions about Chrome Industries or want to know what gear we’re stoked about, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.