Commuting and touring on a bike is a great way to stay in shape, avoid traffic, and, most importantly, have fun. We all know riding a bike is way more exciting than driving a car in traffic, but there are some aspects of a bike that makes us miss our cars. These things include storage space, rain protection, rearview mirrors, a horn, and the ability to lock it with the push of a button. Luckily, there are many bicycle accessories that solve these issues.

Rear racks and front baskets are a great way to create more storage space on your bike. You can toss loose items into the basket and attach your bags to the rear rack. Many bags are available that feature clamps to mount directly to a bike rack. Fenders can protect you from rainwater that is typically tossed up by your tires. Whether it’s raining or not, if the grounds wet you can still get wet. Many mirrors are available for bicycles to provide you with a rearward vision of what’s coming up behind you. These mirrors can either attach to the ends of your handlebars or to your helmet or glasses. Bike bells serve a similar purpose to a horn in a car. A bell can notify people you are coming, regardless if they can see you or not. Finally, a bike is much easier to steal than a car but purchasing a strong bike lock can keep your bike secure when you stop by the store or go to a friend’s house. With all these accessories on your bike, you can have a lot of the same features you get with a car, without paying for expensive gas and oil changes.

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