Complete Headsets

A good headset is something your bike can’t go without. It is the bearing assembly that ties your forks and stem to your frame and allow you to gain control over your bike. It utilizes several different parts that work in unison to allow you to steer and balance your bike. These parts consist of upper and lower bearing cups, upper and lower bearing races, bearings and a top cap.

At Jenson USA we carry a large selection headsets from such manufacturers as Cane Creek, Chris King, Hope, and FSA. Each one is made to precise standards to ensure the smoothest operation and greatest durability. As an added bonus, brands such as Chris King and Hope make their headsets in several different colors to match your bikes color scheme.

There are a couple of different types of headsets to consider when making a purchase, threaded or threadless. It will depend on your frame and fork type. A threaded headset works with forks that have a threaded steer tube. These types of headsets are generally found on older, or lower end bicycles. The threadless headset is made to be used with forks that have a threadless steer tube fork. It utilizes a star nut that is pressed into the forks steer tube to hold everything together. There are also different sizes to consider when choosing a headset. Does your bike use a 1” or 1 1/8” steerer? Maybe you have a tapered steerer that would use two different sizes on the upper and lower portions. Choosing the correct size is crucial to your bike operating correctly. Well actually, your bike wouldn’t operate at all with the incorrect size headset. Sounds confusing? Well, don’t fret. We here at Jenson are here to help you choose the correct headset for your bike and get you back on the trail or road.

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