Cycling Caps

Cycling caps have been worn by road cyclists for many years now and continue to be incredibly popular with many cyclists. These bicycle hats are designed to keep sweat from getting in your eyes and will also do the same with rain. The bill on these cycling hats is designed to keep the sun out of your eyes in bright conditions. Cyclists will often wear one of these caps on their own without a helmet, but a helmet covers the cap up perfectly.

Cycling caps come in a variety of styles and colors to match the rider’s personal taste. You’ll find that these caps come made in several different materials. You’ll find cotton caps, wool, or even a mesh material similar to a jersey. Some cycling hats are designed to help keep the rider cool with ventilated materials that have moisture wicking properties and other cycling hats are designed to keep the rider warmer with materials like wool making them perfect winter cycling caps. Many cycling caps come with reflective properties to increase visibility in low light conditions making them perfect for commuting or riding in the early morning or evening.

Another form of cycling cap is the cycling skull cap. These are similar in the way that they feature lightweight materials with moisture-wicking properties, but they have no bill to help keep the sun out of your eyes. Many cyclists prefer having a skull cap instead because they feel less bulky. Cycling skull caps also come in different styles and designs that work well in the summertime heat or the winter cold. Thermal cycling skull caps are a top choice amongst many riders who don’t let the cold weather stop them from putting the miles in. These skull caps help keep your head warm and keep the cold wind off your ears and make perfect helmet liners.

When it comes to cap fit, usually they are all one size fits all. Whatever the outdoor activities are, grab a cycling cap to wear. Jenson USA carries many different cycling caps and cycling skull caps from brands like Castelli, Canari, Sugoi, Lazer, Giro, and POC. If you want to know which cycling hats we’re stoked on, then call our Gear Advisors. Email, chat or call them at 888-880-3811.