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DeFeet was founded in 1992 by Shane Cooper, a musician, and cyclist who grew up surrounded by knitting machines his whole life. He embarked on a journey to find an entirely new way to knit socks and create sock designs the world had never seen. The first product to come from this venture was a totally customizable, open mesh weave airflow sock. The world's top endurance athletes took notice immediately. The characteristics of those early designs are evident throughout the DeFeet socks line, today. Elegant, simple, useful and built to last. Nowadays there’s less knitting, less manufacturing altogether in the USA than back when Shane’s father emigrated. DeFeet is committed to not go down the easy way like most USA companies that outsource their products and instead opts for keeping production in the states to ensure the best quality socks and quality control.

Knowing that DeFeet quality is some of the best, you’re ensured to have a great and memorable experience with their socks. Although often overlooked, socks play an important role in your outfit. They provide comfort and support that allows you to go on about your day without any discomfort and help eliminate dead spots. With the DeFeet Woolie Boolie 6” cycling socks, your feet will stay cozy and comfortable during cold weather riding. They’re an ideal all-weather cycling sock made from merino wool, which is designed for a multitude of activities. They also feature the DeFeet Mach Rib, which offers a comfortable, durable, no snug fit. For every day riding the Team DeFeet Aireator sock is the way to go. They offer a lightweight and breathable sock that comes in a large palette of colors to make any kit look amazing. The moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep feet high and dry, while the 5” double layer cuff provides some protection to your shins. You can’t go wrong with a breathable and comfortable sock you can wear for just about any occasion. We offer running socks too! The D-Evo is the perfect sock for running, walking, and tennis. It is well cushioned with arch compression for support. The no feel toe seam helps to increase comfort and durability, while moisture-wicking fabrics keep feet dry and help to prevent blisters. Looking for shoe covers to give you added protection in cool weather riding? The DeFeet slipstream booties are here to give you that extra protection you need. They help your feet stay warm, more aerodynamic, and help keep your shoes cleaner, looking better, and in turn make you faster. Of course, that’s how it works. Look good, feel good go fast. Haven’t you heard? DeFeet crafted a solution that actually keeps windchill off the feet, creates smoother lines, keeps dirt out, looks better, and ultimately makes riders faster. The Slipstream also lasts much longer than a pair of socks while barely costing more. Pay homage to the classic era of cycling, wear Slipstreams and go faster. DeFeet also makes arm warmers too! With the DeFeet Armskins cycling arm warmers, you’ll stay feeling warm and well protected from the cold.

So whether you’re looking for DeFeet cycling socks, DeFeet Wooleator socks, or just looking for high top socks, then you’ll love the DeFeet brand. They have wool socks, high vis yellow socks, and many more cycling and running socks. If you have any questions about socks, gloves, shoe covers, baselayers, or any other moisture management cycling apparel, then you can talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.