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Direct Mount Spiders

With the ever expanding array of frame, crank, and chainline standards, it can be increasingly difficult to find the right chainring for your bike and personal cycling needs. One approach to navigating these often murky waters is utilizing direct mount spiders, which can offer a helpful degree of modularity.

Direct mount spiders, such as the Race Face Cinch Chainring Spider, provide an interchangeable interface, increasing the number of possible ring combinations, along with offering cross compatibility across various frame standards. It’s a similar story with the OneUp Components Switch system, which is a dual-piece direct mount spider and chainring system, consisting of a direct mount spider and a wide choice of oval or round chainrings (which are sold separately).

Another example is the North Shore Billet Spider, which permits the use of smaller dual-chainring combination such as 22/32t or 24/34t on 9-speed 104 bolt circle diameter configurations.

In most cases, these direct mount spiders also typically make chainring removal easier because you do not need multiple tools or have to take off the cranks just to switch your gear ratio. That can be a great advantage for riders who like to swap in various sized chainrings based on terrain or that day’s ride or race plan. Direct mount spiders also help maintain proper chainline (52mm for boost mountain bikes for example), which is integral to overall drivetrain function.

If you have questions on this often confusing topic, feel free to call one of JensonUSA’s Gear Advisors at 951-234-7554. They can help you decide if installing a direct mount spider is your best option, and if so which product makes the most sense for your bike and cycling goals.