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Fabric Cycling

Saddles are a tough thing to purchase, especially because everyone’s bodies are different. There is no one saddle that fits every rider out there, unfortunately. If your saddle is improperly sized to your body, you could get numbness and extreme discomfort. Therefore, getting sized for a saddle is incredibly important to your riding comfort. Fabric makes award-winning cycling products, including saddles, bottles, pumps, tools, grips, and lights.

Fabric bike saddles are loaded with technology like a three-part construction where they bond a single piece of foam directly to the base, which allows them to use a much softer foam. Other saddle brands stretch the cover over the foam which creates an inconsistent saddle feel and pressure points. Fabric saddles also have a flexible chassis that provides a more comfortable and durable product that is lighter. Fabric cycling saddles are perfect for all types of bikes like gravel bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. Their saddles feature many things like waterproof microfiber covers, titanium rails and carbon rails, nylon bases, and pressure relief channels.

While their saddles are regarded and same of the best on the market, they also produce many other types of products like water bottles, lights, pumps, and tools. Some Fabric water bottles have a cageless design so you can mount the bottle directly to the bike. They also have regular bottles that require a bottle cage to mount to your bike. Their Gripper bottles have a non-slip surface so your bottle doesn’t slip while you’re riding.

Their pumps are excellent to take along on longer rides and their lights are great for commuting. Their multi-tools are compact enough to take along in a saddle bag or in a back jersey pocket. The handlebar tape and grips provide exceptional comfort and stability while riding. Grips like their Magic Grip feature a unique body type that is semi-ergo to reduce arm pump and hand fatigue.

So whether you’re looking for a Fabric Scoop Saddle, a Scoop Pro Saddle with carbon rails, or just a light to commute to work, Fabric has got what you need and Jenson USA has some of the best Fabric Saddles for sale, as well as other products. If you have any questions about Fabric, then ask one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.