Cycling can be a tough but wonderful experience whether your pushing your body to the limit of performance chasing down milliseconds on your road bike, or testing the edge of control on a mountain bike, or grinding out endless miles on a gravel bike. Pain, discomfort, and inflammation can be caused by working out muscles to the point of fatigue, taking a big crash, or just from repetitive use. So, when it comes time to recover so you can get back out on the bike, Floyd’s of Leadville has you covered with a wide range of Cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Floyd’s of Leadville got its start from the demise of a cycling legend, Floyd Landis. Once one of the reigning kings of road racing and a Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis found himself facing a painful recovery from a crash that required a hip replacement, being stripped of his title win at the tour for doping, and the insurmountable burden of losing all that he had worked for in cycling. Looking for an alternative to the opioids that he had been accustomed to for pain and coping management, Floyd discovered the benefits of legal CBD oil.

What is CBD hemp oil and its benefits? CBD is one of the primary cannabis compounds found in marijuana. Both THC and CBD have nearly identical chemical makeup except for the arrangement of a single atom. This tiny difference makes all the difference. Unlike THC, Cannabidiol has none of the psychoactive effects. This means there is no “high” with CBD products. However, the CBD molecule interacts with the same specific nerve receptors as THC. This is where some the beneficial effects come into play such as pain relief, anxiety relief, and mood management. Further studies are finding that CBD also is a strong antioxidant which aids in an anti-inflammation response by the body. All these factors make CBD an excellent alternative to Ibuprofen for recovery and pain or soreness management.

Floyd’s of Leadville offers an extensive line of legal CBD products including full spectrum oils (black labels) and isolate oils (white labels). Full spectrum products seem to have better effectiveness due to other cannabinoids but may have trace levels of THC. Isolates are slightly less effective but have no THC. Floyd’s lineup of products includes tinctures, creams, balms, soft gels, hydration mix, and protein powder. This means that no matter what aches there’s an application for your recovery needs.

Floyd’s of Leadville is leading the charge of cycling recovery products using natural products from non-GMO sources. We can sing the praises of just how well these products work but you should really try it for yourself to see the difference. If you have any questions about choosing the right Floyd’s products to meet your ride recovery needs reach out to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811 seven days a week.