Fox Apparel

Few companies—if any at all—have had the profound effect on the industry that Fox has. The brainchild of Geoff Fox, this revered brand has put performance first for years, giving competitive riders the edge they need. With decades of innovation behind them, Fox stands as nothing less than a stalwart brand in the industry. Fox has fostered close-knit relationships with some of the greatest riders of all time, and they’re also known to conduct extensive development and testing of their Mountain Biking Apparel. With gloves, jerseys, shorts, pants and more, they boast lines that are guaranteed to please riders of any style.

Another thing Fox has done an awesome job of is evolving with the industry. It’s no secret that mountain bikes and the gear orbiting them comprise a fast-changing industry. Ask any rider, and they’ll tell you how keen Fox is to keep up on trends and stay ahead of the curve. But it’s not just aesthetics they’re after. Fox also wants their gear to be as safe and performance-conducive as possible. As such, their Helmets are subject to rigorous design, development, and testing. They’re sleek, light, and, most importantly, safe. With models for all types of riding styles and experience levels, Fox prides themselves on their innovative legacy.

Their riding apparel and safety gear are meticulously designed, making them a staple for many riders on the mountain. But Fox wants to keep you covered when you’re off the bike too. And that’s why they launched their Casual Apparel line early on. With an array of off-the-bike apparel, Fox can keep you comfy and cool in any situation. Whether you’re hitting the town or just hanging out, it’s safe to say Fox has what you need.