Fox Racing Shox

When Bob Fox started making prototype motocross suspension in a friend’s garage in the mid 70’s, we doubt he was aware of the momentous impact he’d have on suspension technology for decades to come. But now, here Fox is, standing firmly on the podium of every sport it represents, a true suspension monolith, giving riders groundbreaking performance on the trail.

Their excellent Mountain Bike Suspension Forks are known for their industry-leading technology. Every year, it seems, they grace the industry with something new and innovative. Most recently, it’s been their outstanding FIT4 3-position damper, and their super lightweight step-casting. But their prowess doesn’t stop with forks, Fox also has you covered when it comes to Rear Shocks for your mountain bike. Whether it’s a simple Float Rear Shock you need, or a dynamic DPS Factory, with its EVOL Air Sleeve, Kashima Coat, and Remote Lockout, Fox has what you need. They’re revered as one of the premier suspension companies in the industry, and it’s no wonder why.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Fox also helped pioneer the recent dropper-post revolution. With more bikes being designed to handle every type of terrain, it’s become almost necessary to have a seatpost that can be quickly and easily adjusted without slowing you down. But when Fox got into the Mountain Bike Dropper Post game, they didn’t want to simply throw their hat into the ring, they wanted to make a premiere post that featured excellent adjustability and a sleek design. So they did just that. But if you still need some convincing, check out how stacked their team is. If the pros that have ridden for Fox are any testament to the quality of their products, then it stands to reason that they’re worthy of providing you with some fun on the trails.