Bike Gear Bags



When you are packing for a riding trip you obviously need to bring your bike, but there are a lot of other bike-related items you must bring too. You need to pack your helmet, riding shoes, extra tubes, tools, and a pump at a minimum. Chances are you’ll also be bringing other items like gloves, goggles, and pads too. If you always find yourself unorganized before a trip, you need a bike gear bag. Store everything in one place so you don’t accidentally forget an essential item. Forgetting your helmet or one clipless shoe can quickly change the outcome of your fun riding trip. Bike gear bags exist to prevent this from happening.

Bike gears bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Duffle bags are very popular for transporting bike-related items. We also have a selection of roller travel bags that have enough room to store your riding gear and clothing for the trip as well. If you are using a bike bag to transport your bike, you can also fit a good amount of bike gear in the bike bag in empty spaces. Pads and riding clothing are also great things to wrap around your bike frame to protect it during transport.

Compared to a standard duffle bag you would get from a luggage store or your local Sears, bike gear bags typically have heavy duty zippers and durable exteriors. Bike companies know these bags end up getting thrown around the back of a truck bed and dropped on the ground at the trailhead, so they make them tough and rugged. Don’t worry about a ripped bag or broken zipper again. Keep all your belongings stored and secured.

If you have any questions about bike gear bags, hop on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 951-234-7554. They are always happy to help you with any questions you may have. Keep Pedaling!