Bash guards, chain guides, and chain tensioners all serve the purpose of protecting your chain and keeping it properly attached to your drivetrain. A dropped or snapped chain can lead to a scary crash or annoying trail side chain installs that cover your hands in grease. At JensonUSA, we have a large selection of guards, guides, and tensioners to give your bike the most secure drivetrain possible. Never ride in fear of a chain related crash again.

A bash guard is used to protect your chain from destructive rocks on the trail. If your chain is struck by a large rock it can damage or snap it. Even if it doesn’t snap instantly, a damaged chain is prone to snap at any time. Bash guards either attach to the crank bolts on a crankset or the ISCG tabs on a frame. ISCG mounted guards have become the more popular method of chain protection in the recent years. They tend to be lighter and allow your bike to maintain the clean look of an exposed chainring and chain.

Chain guides are typically need for any bike that has a single ring in the front and multiple gears in the back. New narrow-wide chainrings allow riders to run 1x drivetrains without chain guides, but many riders still prefer to run a guide even with a narrow-wide ring. Some chain guides also have a lower pulley which helps keep the chain away from rocks and debris on the trail. A bike with multiple gears in the front and a front derailleur does not need a chain guide because the derailleur keeps the chain on the chainrings.

Chain tensioners are necessary on single speed bikes without horizontal dropouts. ISCG chain guides can be used to tension a chain if it has a lower pulley, but most tensioners take a shape similar to a rear derailleur. They attach to the derailleur hanger of a frame and typical use a spring and pulley to tension the chain. A bike with horizontal dropouts does not need a tensioner because the wheel can slide within the dropout to tension the chain.

If you have any questions about guards, guides and tensioners, hop on a call or a chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811. They are always happy to help you with any questions you may have.