Handlebar Parts and Accessories

Whether you’re looking to replace a pair of aero bar armrest pads, add bar extenders to your mountain bike handlebars, or just need a new bell, JensonUSA has a full array of bike handlebar parts and accessories.

For mountain bikers, bar ends can be particularly useful, providing an extra hand-placement position that produces increased leverage when you are grinding up a steep climb. And options such as the Ritchey WCS Bar Ends do so with only a minimal weight penalty. It’s a similar story with SQlabs Inner Mounted Bar Ends, which have the added benefit of a comfortable ergonomic grip surface.

Or perhaps you’re perusing bike handlebar parts and accessories in search of TOGS, the thumb over grip system, which add an extra hand position on your mountain bike handlebars, which can help prevent hand numbness, especially during extended days in the saddle.

Yet another great bike handlebar parts and accessories find is the Problem Solvers Handlebar Shim, which allows you to mate mismatched bar-stem combos, and mount a smaller bar in a stem with a larger bore size. This can be especially handy if, for example, you have some 25.4mm cruiser bars but a standard 31.8mm stem, or some standard 31.8mm mountain bike bars, but a beefy 35mm stem.

Whatever problem you are trying to solve, there’s a good chance JensonUSA can help you find the answer. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give one of our expert Gear Advisors a call at 888-880-3811.