Handlebar Tape

Give your hands that new-bike feel for a fraction of what it costs to actually buy a new bike. Handlebar tape is a great way to add a small but gratifying upgrade to any bike with drop-style handlebars. You can choose from a variety of different materials, thicknesses and colors, we carry it all here at JensonUSA.com.

When shopping for handlebar tape, you should think about the terrain you ride, your weather and climate, and what type of feel you like to experience on the road. Do you typically ride with gloves or without? Have you had blisters from long, hard rides? Do you ride in the rain? These are all factors that will help determine what works best for you. Handlebar tape comes in different thicknesses, usually measured in millimeters. Thinner tape may be best for riders with smaller hands, or those who like a precise, fully connected feel. Thicker tape offers some padding and shock absorption, which can help reduce fatigue on rough roads or longer rides. Materials matter, too. Thicker tape is typically made from natural cork or synthetic foam, and you can also choose tape with gel for some added cushioning. Some handlebar tape options have an adhesive strip on the back, which makes it easier to wrap the bars.

The other important consideration is color. White may be the top choice for WorldTour pros who have mechanics to frequently change their tape, but not so great if you ride wet, gritty roads all the time. Whatever style, material and color you choose, we have everything you need from top brands like Cinelli, Fi’zi:k, Lizard Skins, Profile Designs and Serfas. If you have any questions about finding the right handlebar tape for you, give call to one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811.