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Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone Helmet
From $87.20
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $109.00
Award Winner
Troy Lee Designs A2 Mips Decoy Helmet
From $132.50
SAVE 22 %
MSRP $169.00
Award Winner
Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Mips Helmet
From $296.99
SAVE 40 %
MSRP $495.00
Award Winner
Troy Lee Designs A2 Mips Pinstripe 2
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $175.00
Award Winner
Fox Flux Mips Helmet
From $112.99
SAVE 25 %
MSRP $149.95
Award Winner
Troy Lee Designs A1 Mips Classic Helmet
From $99.99
SAVE 28 %
MSRP $139.00
Award Winner
Fox Flux Drafter Helmet
SAVE 25 %
MSRP $99.95
Scott Cadence Plus Helmet
From $119.99
SAVE 52 %
MSRP $249.99
Award Winner
Bell Transfer 9 Helmet
SAVE 40 %
MSRP $200.00
Kali Loka Road Helmet
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $100.00
Leatt Helmet DBX 5.0 V30
SAVE 32 %
MSRP $369.99
IXS Trail XC Hans Rey Edition Helmet
SAVE 35 %
MSRP $100.00
Award Winner
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Bike Helmets

Road or mountain bike, from full-face to fully aero. We carry bike helmets of all shapes, sizes and styles, keeping you protected so you can do your thing with confidence, comfort and style.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new helmet, but none matters more than protection. It can be argued that you’ll never buy a more important piece of cycling gear, so it’s important to get this one right. The good news is that all certified helmets provide a standard level of protection. Be sure to choose one that’s CPSC or Snell certified. Beyond that, there are other recent innovations such as MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection), a system that includes a low-friction layer inside the helmet to reduce rotational forces that occur in certain impacts. We offer MIPS helmets in both road and mountain bike styles.

The second critical factor when choosing a bike helmet is fit. For a helmet to be effective, it must fit properly. Most performance helmets come in various sizes for adults and have a number of adjustments to dial in the fit so that it’s both protective and comfortable. And of course comfort is key too. Whether you’re hitting jumps in the bike part, sprinting for the finish in a road race, or tackling all-day epics in remote mountain terrain, you want something that’s unobtrusive, so comfortable you forget you’re even wearing it.

The reality is you’ll probably start by deciding what type of bike helmet you want. Today’s helmets have evolved into highly specialized equipment, with purpose-built technologies and design. For roadies, aero helmets help you slice through the wind faster. For mountain bikers, modern trail-riding helmets include special features such as extended rear coverage, adjustable visors, goggle strap holders and detachable chin bars.

We carry a wide selection of helmets from top brands like Bell, Giro, Mavic, POC, Smith, Scott and others. Take a look through the options, and feel free to call one of our Gear Advisors at 888-880-3811 if you have any questions.

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