Hope Technology

Hope has been designing and manufacturing cycling products at the absolute apex of performance for over 25 years. Forged out of an insatiable passion for riding, they’ve held fast to their position at the pinnacle of cycling since their inception. They started small, doing business only with a few retailers in the UK, and though their customer base has grown immensely since those days, their scope hasn’t. Rather than jump on every new bandwagon that the cycling industry elicits, Hope keeps it simple, making only a few lines of products, but making them all right. You need only feel the smooth power of one of their Mountain Bike Brakes, or hear the clean and precise engagement of their Hubs to know through-and-through what they’re all about—quality.

Nowadays, Hope has a state-of-the-art factory in their homeland that boasts 55 CNC machines and exports products to over 40 countries. And though their products are simple and effective, their mission continues to grow. They’re focused on employing people in their local area, and most importantly, making cycling enthusiasts out of everyone they can. One of their most recent projects is Hopetech Women, a program dedicated to inspiring new female riders. With their reverence and altruism, it’s no wonder they’ve garnered the following they have.