Bike Hubs

There’s one component on your bike that never stops working. Actually, two — bike hubs come in pairs. Whether you’re grinding up a steep climb at 5 mph or bombing a twisty descent at 55 mph, your hubs are key for keeping you moving as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We carry a wide variety of hub options for both road and mountain bikes, so you can get the best performance from your wheels and your bike.

Bike hubs are the central part of the wheel, connecting the spokes and rims to the two axles and enabling your wheels to spin on their bearings. Each pair of hubs contains a front- and rear-specific hub, as they handle different duties. The front hub keeps the wheel spinning freely, but the rear hub is actually part of the drivetrain. The rear is fitted with a cassette or sprockets that drive the rear wheel via the chain, and also allows you to “freewheel” or coast (unless you’re riding a fixed gear).

Things to consider when shopping for bike hubs include the axle size and style (thru-axle or quick release), the number of spokes on your rims, and, in the case of disc brakes, the rotor mounts (six-bolt or centerlock). You also want to make sure your current cassette and drivetrain will work with a new rear hub. Once you get the compatibility issues sorted, you can think about the performance. Sealed cartridge bearings protect the hub’s inners from dirt and water. Most quality hubs are made from lightweight aluminum, and some higher end models have carbon fiber shells. Other high-end upgrades include ceramic bearings and superlight quick release levers.

We carry a full selection of both road and mountain bike hubs from top brands like Chris King, DT Swiss, Hope Technology, Industry Nine, Mavic, Shimano, and SRAM. If you’re looking to replace a hub or build up a new wheel, feel free to call one of our Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811 to help you find the perfect setup for your bike and riding style.