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Cycling Jackets & Vests

Riding in adverse weather conditions is nothing new to many cyclists. Not every day can be rainbows and sunshine outside, so when it comes to riding in the cold, wind, and rain, you’ll need a cycling jacket or a cycling vest. Layering is one of the most effective ways to ride in colder weather, but not all cycling jackets and cycling vests are designed the same. Some of the jackets out there are just windbreakers that will help keep a cyclist warmer by resisting the wind chill. Other jackets are thicker for winter riding, and some are water resistant or waterproof. Jackets and vests are a great option whether you’re riding road bikes or mountain bikes.

Cycling windbreakers are thinner than most other jackets and are designed to resist the wind’s chill while still providing breathability. These kinds of cycling jackets will often have mesh in the sides, underarms, or on the back to increase the breathability so a cyclist doesn’t overheat on their ride. Cycling windbreakers have reflective attributes on the front, rear, and often the sleeves. This makes it the go-to option for those early morning fall rides or late evening rides. Reflective windbreaker jackets are also a perfect option for riders who enjoy commuting to work on their bikes. These can be tight fitting jackets but looser fitting options are available as well.

Winter cycling jackets are thicker than cycling windbreakers and will often have thermal fleece fabric to keep riders warm when the temperature dips down. These bicycle jackets are similar to windbreakers and provide excellent moisture management and have reflective properties to increase visibility during those low light early mornings or late evenings. This is the perfect option for cyclists that want to ride in the winter months or at higher elevations where it is much colder.

Waterproof cycling jackets are a necessity for those that ride or commute no matter what the weather is like. If the rain doesn’t deter you from getting a good ride in, then you’ll want a cycling rain jacket. These jackets are similar to windbreakers but feature waterproof zippers, taped seams and sometimes have a DWR coating. There is a difference between water resistant jackets and waterproof. Water resistant jackets are a better choice for riding in light rain. Quality waterproof jackets with waterproof fabrics and many jacket features are the most sought after in the biking community though.

Convertible cycling jackets are one of the most popular forms of jackets in the cycling world. These are cycling jackets with removable long sleeves. That means they can convert to a cycling vest when the weather gets slightly warmer. The sleeves of the jacket can zip off and are easily stored in the rear pocket of a cycling jersey. This is another great option for cyclists who enjoy commuting to work on their bikes. Leave for work in the morning with the sleeves attached, and then leave work and head home with the sleeves off.

Cycling wind vests are the final option in the long list of bike jackets. Vests are a good choice for riding when it’s cool but not cold out. This option helps keeps a rider’s chest warmer on days when the weather is cooler than usual. Reflective cycling vests will come with reflective properties to increase visibility and will even come in high-visibility colors for maximum visibility. So, grab a neon vest if you’re riding at night so others will spot you from far away. Vests will often have similar features to other cycling clothing like jersey pockets and a drop tail.

Whether you’re looking for a reflective winter jacket, a lightweight convertible windbreaker, something waterproof and breathable, or just an outer layer for some extra warmth, you’ll find the best cycling jackets at Jenson USA. We like to ride all the time and won’t let the weather tell us when we can’t ride. So, if you’re curious what cycling jackets we use out on the trails and on the roads, then ask one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.