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From lightweight carbon handlebars to sturdy and grippy platform pedals, to grips, and everything in between, Joystick has got road and mountain bike riders covered with all of their cockpit needs. When people hear the word "joystick," they will typically think about things like Pac Man, Mortal Kombat, or other arcade games, but now they will think about high-quality bicycle components. Many pros race and ride with Joystick components on their bikes including enduro riders and Tour de France riders. They have aluminum and carbon handlebars for mountain bikers, saddles for road, mountain, and everything in between, stems, flat bar grips, platform pedals, and bar tape for drop bars.

All of the Joystick bike parts feature Real Rider Geometry which means they are designed and tested by real riders. Analog Carbon bars are manufactured with premium composite material specially designed and molded in their own unique custom molds. They have a lab-tested strength to weight ratio and an incredible feel. Joystick's Analog Carbon enhances ride control and dampens vibration from the trails, and they also feature reinforced clamping zones in all the key clamping areas for your controls and stem interface.

Their Binary Carbon bars are made with the same premium composite materials that are used in Analog Carbon Joystick bars, but they have a unique layup process to maximize the strength to weight specifically for enduro racing. Their 8-bit and Builder stems are both carbon and alloy friendly and have an increased clamping surface. The 8-bit and 8-bit LT alloy aren't just off-the-shelf alloys. They are sourced to meet Joystick's exacting test standards but also provide unmatched performance and feel.

Many of their components are offered in multiple color options so you can add a splash of style to your ride. So whether you're looking for a comfortable saddle, aluminum or carbon handlebars, a stem, grips, pedals, or colorful bar tape, then you'll find everything you need with Joystick and Jenson USA. If you have any questions about bike components and want to know what which components will fit your bike best, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554 seven days a week.