Juliana Wilder 1 C S TR Bike 2022
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Juliana Mountain Bikes

In 1999 Santa Cruz created the first mountain bike aimed specifically at female riders. It was a groundbreaking shift in focus for the industry, driven by a groundbreaking woman - Juli Furtado - one of the fiercest mountain bikers of all time.

They called this bike “The Juliana”. In the '80s and '90s, mountain bikes were effectively designed for, and marketed to, men. At the same time, a few bold females were pioneering the sport for women. Inspired by this movement, Santa Cruz felt it was time for a change.

Today, Juli’s initiative has grown into an award-winning line of premium mountain bikes ridden by a crew of athletes, racers and guides who continue to blaze new trails. Santa Cruz’s goal is to ignite the imagination of female adventurers around the world and create something uncompromising for those who refuse to accept the status quo.

Why would you choose a Juliana? Juliana is committed to inspiring women to ride. They are committed to making bikes that don’t let theory compromise real world handling. Every Juliana mountain bike has been refined to have the most appropriate reach, height, and overall geometry for the terrain you are riding. Juliana bikes offer a lighter tune of their suspension to better suit women riders who typically weigh less than men. All Juliana bikes feature Santa Cruz’s VPP suspension which has been proven to create an extremely efficient ride while still managing to remain plush over small and large bumps alike. Juliana mountain bike utilize the best materials available to create bikes that are lightweight, stiff and strong, and Juliana backs this up with its lifetime warranty.

Juliana is as much about creating a voice for women in mountain biking as it is about creating the products themselves. No matter how much thought goes into their bicycles, it’s the people who ride them that bring them to life. And because Juliana is a stand-alone brand, they enjoy the luxury of uninterrupted focus on these women. From guides to adventurers, pro racers to passionate enthusiasts, Julian supports as many inspirational women as possible and share their stories with others who share the same drive for mountain biking.

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