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A bike kickstand is a great accessory to have on your bike. Since a bike rolls on only two wheels, when you dismount it, the bike will fall over unless placed in a bike rack or held up by a kickstand. A bicycle kickstand is typically located along the chainstay of a bicycle and can easily be actuated with your foot. If you are looking to purchase a kickstand for your bike, we have a wide selection of them here at JensonUSA for you to choose from.

Multiple types of kickstands exist which attach to specific parts of a bike. The most traditional location for a kickstand to mount is behind the bottom bracket on the chain stays. Some bikes, like road bikes or most mountain bikes, do not have enough space in this area to mount a kickstand so other mounting options have been created. Some kickstands can attach to the frame near the rear axle by attaching brackets to the chain stay and seat stay of the bike frame. Some bike frames have kickstand mounts built into the frame either by the bottom bracket or rear axle, these brackets usually require proprietary kickstands provided by the company who created the bike frame.

Since bikes come with different sized wheels, a kickstand may have to be cut down to work with a certain bike. If you are installing a new kickstand on a kid’s bike, you are most likely going to have to adjust the length by cutting it down to the proper size. If a kickstand it too long, the bike will stand too upright and can still tip over, inversely, if a kickstand is too short, the bike will lean over too much and fall over. It’s best to cut the kickstand in small increments until you reach the proper length. Keep in mind that you can always cut extra material off the stand, but you can’t add extra length once it’s gone.

Kickstands are often made from aluminum alloy and have either a single leg or double legs. Double leg kickstands require a center mount to work properly and are often reserved for specialty beach cruisers or E-bikes. While a kickstand doesn’t easily install to a road bike, there are some specialty road bicycle stands made from carbon fiber that fold up nicely when not in use. These are not very heavy duty and are not recommended for heavier bikes.

If your bike has a place for a kickstand, don’t just prop the bike up against a wall while you’re out riding. If you have any questions about bike kickstands, hop on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811. They are always happy to help you with any questions you may have. Keep Pedaling!