How the program works:

1. Fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page with your trade-in bike information, contact information, and what bike you are interested in buying.

2. A Gear Advisor will reach out within 24 hours to begin the trade-in process.

3. Our Gear Advisors will need some pictures of your trade-in bike so be ready to take a picture of the drive-side, non drive-side and any detail pictures of damage, even small cosmetic blemishes, so that we can get you the most accurate valuation possible.

4. Once our Gear Advisors assess the value of your bike we’ll send you our trade-in estimate.

a. Please note that your trade-in value estimate is not the final offer. The trade-in estimate becomes an official offer after our appraisal team evaluates your bike after we receive your bike at our warehouse. Our estimates are generally very close to the offer value so long as the description and pictures that are sent are accurate. It is important to note any scratches, dents, or cosmetic imperfections prior to shipping your bike so that we can identify whether there was damage caused during shipping.

5. Once you approve our estimate, we send you your new bike.

a. Please note that we will charge your credit card for the full amount of the new bike. Once we receive your old bike and verify it’s condition we will refund your credit card the trade-in value of your old bike.

6. You send us your old bike.

a. Use the box and packaging from your new bike to package and ship your old bike to us. Please be careful while packing as Jenson USA is not responsible for damage that occurs during shipping.

7. Your trade-in is assessed and approved, and your credit card is refunded the trade-in amount.

a. Again, please note that the trade-in value offer will be finalized once our technicians go through your bike. The trade-in value that is discussed prior to our technicians physically going over the condition of the bike is an estimate and subject to change. A Gear Advisor will reach out to confirm your trade-in has been processed and a refund issued to your card.


Terms & Conditions:

JensonUSA’s trade-in program is only available for customers who purchase a new bike from JensonUSA.  Customers who are ready to purchase a new bike and are interested in trading in their old bike for credit towards their new bike will fill out the trade-in form.  Once you send your used bike information a JensonUSA Gear Adviser will get in touch with you via email to get a few more bits of information.  Once the Gear Adviser has the information they need they will send you a trade-in estimate.  That estimate is not a firm offer or guarantee of trade-in value for your used bike.  Your trade-in bike must be sent to JensonUSA and evaluated by a JensonUSA technician prior to a trade-in offer being sent to you.  You will have the chance to approve or decline JensonUSA’s trade-in offer to you.

If you accept JensonUSA's trade-in offer

Once JensonUSA receives and evaluates your trade-in bike a Gear Adviser will reach out to you with an official trade-in offer.  If you approve the offer then JensonUSA takes possession of your trade-in bike and will credit the payment method used to purchase your new bike with the trade-in amount.  Please note that at this time we are only able to credit the payment method used for the purchase of your new bike.

If you decline JensonUSA's trade-in offer

If you do not choose to trade-in your bike with JensonUSA then JensonUSA will package your bike and ship it back to you.

When will you receive your credit?

Your trade-in credit will be applied to your payment method after JensonUSA receives your trade-in bike and evaluates the condition of the bike.  You will have already received your new bike at this time so that you can use the box and packaging to package your trade-in bike and ship it to JensonUSA.

General Terms and Conditions

  • JensonUSA is not responsible for damage caused in shipping or due to improper packaging of your trade-in bike. 
  • Please take pictures of your bike prior to shipping in case there is damage caused in shipping. 
  • Please take care when packaging your trade-in bike.
  • JensonUSA’s trade-in offer is only extended to customers who purchase a new bike from JensonUSA.
  • JensonUSA will pay for shipping of your trade-in bike to JensonUSA.  Contact a Gear Adviser for details when your trade-in bike is ready to ship.
  • JensonUSA will pay for shipping back to you if you decline our trade-in offer.
  • Once you approve the trade-in offer you agree that ownership of your bike is transferred to JensonUSA.
  • You must be the legal owner of the trade-in bike. Proof of ownership may be requested and JensonUSA reserves the right to withdraw any trade-in offer if ownership can not be confirmed.
  • This offer is good only within the United States.