No two mountains are the same. From the Rockies to Appalachians, the all-mountain Troy brings badass performance to some wickedly diverse terrain. Powered by their "Testing is Everything" modus, its fifth generation Split-Pivot platform increases bottom-out force, while its team inspired geometry tames steep, rugged, unpredictable terrain. Power up steeps with finesse thanks to an axed-down short chainstay. And harness the stability enhancing benefits of Super Boost 157 rear-axle spacing for high-speed confidence on the descent. Introducing the All-Mountain Troy. Point it toward the ranges and rip.


TROY 29" / 27.5"

All-mountain riding has become increasingly popular in recent years. These bikes are typically optimized to not only descend excellently, but they can climb well too. The Devinci Troy is available in both aluminum and carbon and designed to conquer every mountain range around. The Troy is built upon a fifth-generation Split-Pivot platform that separates braking and acceleration forces, Super Boost 157 spacing, a threaded bottom bracket, a relocated adjustable geometry flip chip, and a low standover height.

Built for: Trail / All-Mountain
Frame Travel: 140mm
Wheel Size: 29" or 27.5"
Frame Material: Carbon



Mountain biking has always been about having fun and pushing limits. Riders might have limits but your mountain bike shouldn't have a limit. If you're looking for the ultimate Enduro bike that will help you to push past your limits, then you'll love the Devinci Spartan Carbon 29.

SPARTAN CARBON 29" / 27.5"

AThe Devinci Spartan 29 GX Eagle 12-Speed is an Enduro mountain bike that is ready to kick some trails into a hole. It is built upon a carbon DMC-G frame with 165mm of rear travel and 170mm of front travel. It has a Split-Pivot suspension design and improved suspension dynamics that increase lateral stiffness so riders can climb efficiently. With 2.6" tire clearance and front Boost and rear Super Boost spacing, this will become your favorite bike.

Built for: Enduro / Trail / All-Mountain
Frame Travel: 165mm
Wheel Size: 29"
Frame Material: Carbon