Born out of the counter-cultures of BMX, skate, and punk rock, Evil Bikes are the culmination of a few friends who believed that the mountain bike world was lacking in one major aspect... FUN. At the helm of the company is Kevin Walsh, a modern renaissance man who dabbles in a bit of everything from Bikes to brews, marketing and design, and has some serious musical talent to boot. But, Evil is not just a set of ideas. It's the physical manifestation of those ideas in the form of some seriously rad bikes.

Evil DNA


All Evil bikes have a similar aesthetic and are built around Dave Weagle's DELTA suspension system. The DELTA suspension is a linkage driven single pivot design that provides a tuneable system with variable leverage curves for an efficient, yet deep, ride feel on all their bikes to help you find every ounce of fun your trails can offer. Plus, you can use their flip chip to alter frame geometry without effect on the bikes' leverage curves. It's like having "Rowdy" and "Rowdier" settings on your bike.


The Devil's in the Details


The birth of every Evil bike starts with a basis of key features. Regardless of which Evil bike you choose, these features bring ultimate function, beautiful form, and heaps of well-that's-just-awesome to your ride.

  • Bolt on Axle
  • Custom ISCG05 Mounts
  • Downtube Protector
  • Integrated Rubber Protection for Chain and Seat Stays
  • Integrated Upper Chainguide
  • Optional Custom E13 Chainguide/Bash Guard
  • Internal Cable Routing
  • Uni-directional Carbon with One Piece Molded Construction
  • Integrated SAG Meter for Easy Suspension Setup
  • Oh, and WATER BOTTLE MOUNTS in the frames.

Jenson Exclusive Builds

While each bike in Evil's lineup starts from the same design mantra and technological DNA, the final products are much like siblings... related, but very different. Our Jenson Exclusive Builds match each frame's design, ride characteristic, and spirit animal to a component spec curated to bring out the most from each bike. These builds blend the perfect ratio of high-performance while not breaking the bank. Call it a "smart build" or whatever you want, our goal is to maximize fun in the form of rad bikes.

Following MB - 120mm/29"


This may be the closest thing to an XC bike that Evil offers. With 29" wheels and 120mm travel, it holds its own against the competition when it comes to putting power to the pedals, and racing to the top. But, this is the bike that should have never been. Kevin Walsh was not a fan of 29ers and swore they couldn't be fun. He proved himself wrong when he designed the Following. What sets this bike apart from the competition is just how mind-blowingly capable it is when dropping down the mountain. Nimble, quick, with a deeper suspension feel than its numbers convey, this is the ideal trail bike for those who want a bit of everything.



Calling - 130mm/27.5"


Evil describes the Calling as the Following's delinquent little brother. This couldn't be more accurate. While the Following is wildly capable, its shorter travel and bigger wheels gives it a cool confidence. The Calling, on the other hand, seems to have a touch of ADHD, wanting to see every jump, berm, and feature on the trail. Sure, it may not be the most focused ride, but when you're having that much fun, who cares? Not only does it come with smaller 27.5" wheels, but it bumps the travel up to 130mm. Carrying over many of the Following's characteristics, the Calling adds a touch of fun factor with snappier handling and a bit more squish for getting ever so much rowdier on your way down.



Insurgent - 151mm/27.5"


Moving up the travel, the Insurgent is the embodiment of a modern enduro/all mountain bike... if that enduro bike's parents were DH bikes. The Insurgent has 151mm" travel matched to 27.5" wheels, and all the checkboxes of long, low, slack. This bike isn't bothered by a decent climb, but it yearns to pin it downhill, slap some turns, and pop off every feature with confidence. The Insurgent is a bike that will happily let you push it to the limit and keep asking for you more. Quiver killer bikes are like unicorns... they don't exist, but the Insurgent might just be a horse with a sword on its head protecting our hopes and dreams of one bike to do it all.



Wreckoning - 161mm/29"


This bike-shaped monster truck is the mutant offspring of the Following. From his first ride on the original Following, Kevin Walsh knew that he could and should create this big wheeled beast. 29" wheels paired to a 161mm travel frame mean this bike eats up chunder and big hits without flinching. Perhaps, not quite as nimble or efficient during the climbs, you'll quickly forget any drawbacks when you absolutely sleigh the rowdiest of terrain. This bike has DH DNA, but still lets you chase big descents long after the chairlifts have shut down.