Carefully Curated Build Kits, Paired with Premium Frames,
Delivered at Unbelievable Prices



Choosing the perfect road bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, or any bike takes a lot of time. Poring over specification details to find the right brand, build, and price that fits all your needs takes a lot of work. We know this because we go through the same exact emotional roller coaster when it comes time for each of us here at JensonUSA to shop for our new bike. We also know that you may have your heart set on a particular brand such as Ibis, Evil, Banshee or another great bike or frame but the component spec may need a little tweaking at times to make it perfect. JensonUSA exclusive builds are built with some of the best brands in the bike industry using handpicked parts that our product team spec with the aim of delivering bikes that are uniquely tuned for what JensonUSA customers have asked for.



JensonUSA's incredible brand partners do an amazing job with the component selection that they offer on their frames. We know that there are times when customers want something a little more off the beaten path, though. Perhaps a little more unique and more tuned to their specific needs. We have worked to put together bikes that pair amazing frames with a parts selection that isn't available anywhere else. These builds are exclusive to JensonUSA.

The JensonUSA product team has hand selected components from brands like Shimano, E*13, SDG, SRAM, and others to assemble some incredible road bikes, mountain bikes, gravity bikes, and even gravel bikes. We take feedback from our customers and directly integrate that to the component selection of our exclusive builds. Take a look through our JensonUSA exclusive build catalog when shopping for your next bike. We hope you find the bike that you've been searching for. As always, if you don't find exactly what you're looking for then call or chat with one of our Gear Advisors at 888-880-3811 and they can swap out parts to get your perfect bike rolling today.


Our buying team works hard to put together unique complete bike packages, focusing on a sensible blend of 4 key criteria:

Frames from trustworthy brands.
The latest geometry, material, and component standards.
A focus on durability and performance.
Bang for the buck.










To meet these criteria our buyers hunt for opportunities to pair build kits that represent the latest in tech with frames that are unique and exciting. These frames range from the last batch of a discontinued line to the hottest item fresh from the molds. Ultimately, we seek to create a complete bike that is functional, beautiful, and a great value.

Our small batch productions of Exclusive Builds bikes allow us the freedom to quickly put together first-to-market builds. These bikes evolve from the dream builds that dance around our imagination, and we are proud to stand behind a final product that represents the spirit of the JensonUSA team.










The phrase "Born on the Shore" pays homage to the place and the people that got it all started. "The Shore”, as its referred to by locals, is the North Shore mountains of Vancouver, Canada and it's this same place that Banshee Bikes calls home. You'd be hard-pressed to find another bike brand that exemplifies the North Shore aesthetic better than Banshee. Each of their bikes is inspired by the riding done right in their backyard.



Born out of the counter-cultures of BMX, skate, and punk rock, Evil Bikes are the culmination of a few friends who believed that the mountain bike world was lacking in one major aspect... FUN. At the helm of the company is Kevin Walsh, a modern renaissance man who dabbles in a bit of everything from Bikes to brews, marketing and design, and has some serious musical talent to boot. But, Evil is not just a set of ideas. It's the physical manifestation of those ideas in the form of some seriously rad bikes.



Through the years, Ibis has encouraged people to pedal, laugh, and pedal some more. These days, Ibis consists of a close-knit group of friends and enthusiasts in Santa Cruz, CA, with the ultimate goal of building you something that makes you smile when you ride it. Their iconic Mojo full-suspension bike is in its fourth generation, having been carefully crafted and designed through the years. Ibis continues to push the limits with the introduction of the Ripmo and Hakka.



Sweating every detail comes naturally to the team at Chromag. From tubing selection, to geometry figure, to locally milled dropouts and bottom brackets, the people at Chromag have a hand in every step of the process of their bikes from design to the ride. Tested on the most demanding trails the North Shore has to offer, each Chromag bike is built to deliver an exceptional ride quality that has won them a strong cult following in recent years.



Niner's penchant for making big-wheeled mountain bikes goes deeper than geometry, momentum, or traction. It's more than just a selling point. To them, constructing the perfect 29” bike is an impassioned endeavor, complete with heart, soul, and commitment. When the 29er craze first took off, these big-wheeled bikes were designated for smooth, mellow terrain, with their high bottom brackets and poor turning radiuses. Niner changed all that. Unsatisfied with the geometry of 29ers, they took big wheels and built a variety of frames around them. With rowdy long-travel enduro models and efficient XC bikes, Niner's Mountain Bikes are as diverse as they are fun.



Born from a small workshop in Cambiago, Italy, in 1952; Ernesto Colnago's bicycles are known for their top-level craftsmanship and unique beauty. Colnago bicycles have always provided winning performance and is one of the last brands to stay true to their Italian roots. To this day, they still lug steel Master Light frames by hand in Italy. With their flagship model C-60, every detail (including the creation of their carbon tubes) is done inside their factory. It is these details that separates Colnago from brands with "Italian design", and positions them as THE Italian legacy brand.