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keep pedaling hatA Brief Summary of Each Organization

Evergreen MTB

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is the Nation's largest statewide mountain bike association, representing thousands of riders through eight regional chapters.  Evergreen is committed to sustainable recreation, trail maintenance, advocacy, education, volunteerism, and trail building.  We are an important partner with public land managers, contributing over 23,000 hours of volunteer labor in 2017.

With Eight Regional Chapters, 30,000 + followers, and 4,800+ members, Evergreen is internationally known for developing world class trail projects and delivering quality volunteer projects as well as effective trail and public lands protection advocacy to benefit the Mountain Bike Industry.  From its first project, the Colonnade in Seattle in the mid 2000's, to the award winning Duthie Hill mountain bike park in 2010, Evergreen has grown to deliver more than 200 miles of new mountain bike trails to its members and WA state riders over the past 8 years.  Created in 1989 as BBTC, Evergreen was originally a grassroots solution to local trail networks closing to riders, and has excelled in its mission to advocate for new, and care for existing mountain bike trails.   

Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists (CLIMB)

Our membership represents all levels of riders from beginners to experts. Our common passion for trail riding and stewardship brings us together as a collective voice. Our trail committee teaches volunteers how to design, build and maintain sustainable recreational mountain bicycle trails. Despite shrinking municipal resources, our volunteer workforce can enhance outdoor recreational opportunities in public parks. We educate bicycle riders and other trail users from the local community how to design sustainable trails, help perform trail maintenance and organize cleanups. Our innovative interpretive trail fosters an appreciation for the land. This self-guided trail teaches environmentally friendly bike riding skills, socially responsible trail etiquette tips and lessons about our native flora and fauna.


Club Scrub maintains the Camp Murphy Mountain Bike Trail system in Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, FL. All our trail improvements are paid for by donations and performed by volunteers. Our trail system is built on WWII training school located atop of sand dunes. The trails prior to 2014 only offered enjoyable riding conditions after a good rain storm. In 2014, Club Scrub President & Trail Builder Dorsey Tennant began fundraising, so that he could make the trail enjoyable 365 days a year. We've added new features to make the sandy areas rideable. We encourage all level of riders by having bypasses around the more challenging features table tops, jumps, berms, log overs, bridges, skinnies, and extreme rock gardens. 

Our other mission is to promote and encourage MTBing to new riders of all ages. We host Ladies Only All Skill Group Rides and Beginner Clinics. When we started we had 10- 15 women riders, we have over 750 women MTBers of all ages now and growing. We also encourage families to ride together by hosting 2 Take a Kid Mountain Biking day events a year, or last event had over 300 kids of all ages. Not one child had an electronic device in their hand the whole day.