Wilier is an acronym born out of the phrase “W l’Italia liberata e redenta” which translates to “Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed.” This is quite fitting for this bike brand due to their long history creating some of the most innovative frames to come out of Italy and a deep involvement in cycling racing for the last century.

Getting their start in San Fortunato, Italy in 1906, Wilier has been pushing the advancement of cycling since their inception. This passion for pushing technological boundaries continues to resonate in the designs of their frames and where they allow you to go. With a constant eye on their past achievements, Wilier has built a foundation of success to build new and innovative technologies to further bicycling performance.



Many companies work to innovate, but few have over 100 years-worth of trial and error, testing, and real-world feedback to build upon. This unique position of Wilier allows them to consistently be industry leaders in developing revolutionary concepts and designs in their frames. The list of firsts attributed to Wilier that have been adopted by the cycling industry is long and impressive. From aerodynamics to geometry to materials, Wilier consistently pushes the envelope on what is possible to bring better performance, more comfort, and to break barriers.

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A Match Made in Heaven

Wilier’s lineup of bikes continues to grow and evolve to meet rider needs and new opportunities to explore. Their vast knowledge of what works traditionally and their continued efforts to advance bike science, allows them to design specific characteristics and capabilities into each bike to meet the rider’s specific needs. Their bikes are composed of all the tech necessary for the ultimate machine for given ride experience without sacrificing performance or quality elsewhere.

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No Road Unridden

True to their heritage, Wilier builds bikes that tap into that need to experience and explore this world. Whether that takes you on mountainous backroads, through remote gravel adventures, or battling in the pack of racers, their bikes are uniquely beautiful amalgamations of proven design and front-running technologies that will allow you to follow your wanderlust.

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