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Mavic is nothing short of a megalith in the cycling world. They’re responsible for so many unique technological innovations, it’s almost impossible to imagine the bike industry without them. While the French manufacturer has tried their hand at everything from personal airplanes to pedal cars, the domain they truly excel in is that of Bicycle Wheels. Their advanced hubs, spokes, and rims have had nothing short of a profound effect on both road and mountain biking. With some of the lightest and most unique carbon fiber and alloy designs, they make wheels that are stiff, light, and terrifically reliable.

An official partner of the Tour de France, Mavic boasts over a century of incredible advancements in the bike world. Their headquarters are nestled in the southeastern French Alps, where cycling isn’t a mere hobby, but a way of life. It's there that, along with outstanding wheels, they've produced some of the best Cycling Footwear you can get your feet on. Their sleek designs have sculpted the styles of the industry. Utilizing new technology like Ergo Dials, Mavic’s clipless bike shoes provide a unique fit that offers both comfort and optimal efficiency when it comes to power transfer and weight. If a pair of wheels or some fresh kicks are what you need, there’s almost no bet safer than Mavic.