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Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain biking has become one of the most popular forms of cycling in recent years. Riders who have become avid mountain bikers constantly search for ways to become faster and better riders. One way to become a better rider is the type of shoe you use while you're riding. Mountain bike shoes give riders an edge over riders who ride in regular shoes. Mountain bike shoes come with an increase in grip on the outsole which helps riders grip their pedals better and helps when they need to hike a bike up a difficult hill. These shoes also come with a stiffer sole that provides better pedaling efficiency. More power from the pedal stroke gets transferred to the pedals which means riders can go faster. There are two types of mountain bike shoes: clipless mountain bike shoes and flat pedal shoes.

Clipless mountain bike shoes allow mountain bikers to clip into their pedals so they can push and pull while riding. This push and pull motion increases pedaling efficiency making climbing easier and riding technical terrain a breeze. Being clipped in while riding means riders no longer have to worry about their foot slipping off their pedal while riding. Racers and aggressive riders will enjoy the increased power of a clipless mountain bike shoe over a flat pedal shoe. Clipless mountain bike shoes use a smaller cleat than a road bike shoe would use. This cleat sits recessed into the shoe which means riders can walk while not being directly on the cleat. This means the cleat will last longer when riders are off the bike. Mountain bike shoes are a perfect option for cyclists who commute to work on their bikes and also make perfect indoor cycling shoes since they are Shimano SPD cleat compatible.

Flat pedal shoes may look like casual shoes but their soles are much stiffer and the outsole features a rubber compound that interacts with flat pedals seamlessly. Flat pedals use pins that grip into the bottom of flat pedal shoes making them the perfect option for cyclists who don't want to be clipped in while they're riding. Flat pedal shoes are best for downhill riders or riders who want to be able to put their foot down quickly when going into a tight turn.

Mountain bike shoes come in many different shapes and sizes. One aspect that is often overlooked is the closure type on the top of the shoe. Mountain bike shoes use several different closure types like laces, velcro straps, ratcheting buckles, a Boa dials. Some closure types are better for certain types of riding but all closure types are used on premium shoes.

Whether you're looking for clipless mountain bike shoes to ride in a 12-hour race or flat pedal shoes to go bombin' down the mountain, Jenson USA has some of the best mountain bike shoes from brands like Giro, Five Ten, and Sidi. If you're curious what shoes we're stoked on and what shoes we personally like to use, then ask one of our Gear Advisors . You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.