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Orbea MX 29 10 Bike 2018
SAVE 30 %
MSRP $999.00
Award Winner
GT Karakoram Comp 29" Bike 2017
SAVE 33 %
MSRP $600.00
Award Winner
Niner Rip 9 GX Eagle Jenson Bike
SAVE 47 %
MSRP $5,330.00
Award Winner
Kona Process 134 Supreme Bike 2016
SAVE 55 %
MSRP $5,499.00
Award Winner
Banshee Rune SLX Rockshox Jenson Bike
SAVE 54 %
MSRP $4,951.00
Award Winner
Kona Big Kahuna Bike 2018
SAVE 41 %
MSRP $1,699.00
Banshee Rune SLX Fox Jenson Bike
SAVE 43 %
MSRP $4,355.89
Award Winner
Orbea MX 27 10 Bike 2018
SAVE 32 %
MSRP $999.00
Orbea Occam TR H30 Bike 2018
SAVE 29 %
MSRP $2,999.00
Award Winner
Banshee Darkside Jenson GX Bike
SAVE 55 %
MSRP $5,560.00
Kona Hei Hei Trail DL Bike 2017
SAVE 34 %
MSRP $5,999.00
Award Winner
Jamis Dragon Sport 29 Bike 2016
SAVE 31 %
MSRP $1,299.00
Award Winner
Orbea Alma 29 H20 Bike 2018
SAVE 31 %
MSRP $1,799.00
Orbea Alma 29 M30-XT 18 Bike 2018
SAVE 31 %
MSRP $2,499.00
Yeti Sb5 Turq XT Bike 2018
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $6,399.00
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Mountain Bikes

Shopping for mountain bikes should start with determining what your needs are. What kinds of trails will you be riding? Do you need an ultra-light cross-country race bike or a burly gravity warrior? Searching for your new mountain bike will start with clearly defining what your list of must-haves looks like, determining what category of mountain bike that falls into, then narrowing down your search to that perfect bike. Mountain bikes come in a wide variety of suspension travel, component selection, frame material, and many more options. What are some popular types of mountain bikes?

Trail and All-Mountain - While there is some debate as to the exact travel range defined by Trail and All-Mountain bikes, Jenson USA defines this category as mountain bikes having suspension travel between 120mm and 150mm. Trail and All-Mountain bikes tend to be some of the most versatile bikes available. Mountain bikes in this category are designed to tackle nearly any trail as they are light and nimble enough to not hold riders back while climbing and they have a progressive geometry that allows for ripping descents.

Cross-Country - Cross-country, or XC mountain bikes are designed to perform over long distances. These bikes are built to be lightweight and help get the most performance out of your climbing ability. These bikes can be hardtail (no rear suspension) or full-suspension. Cross-country bikes tend to have shorter suspension travel which helps keep the weight down as well the suspension bob to a minimum.

Downhill / Gravity - Downhill mountain bikes have the most suspension travel of any category of mountain bike. These bikes are designed to attack the most aggressive black diamond and double black diamond runs on the mountain. They are called gravity bikes because they are designed to go downhill as quickly and stylishly as possible. Gravity bikes have 170mm or more of suspension travel and tend to focus more on reliability under extreme conditions than weight savings in the component selection.

Jenson USA has a wide selection of mountain bikes of all different categories. We try our best to make finding your dream bike as easy as possible. We are riders just like you and we know how important selecting a great mountain bike is. If you have any questions at all, hop on a call or a chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811 so that we can help you find that perfect mountain bike.

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