OneUp Components

OneUp Components is a small team of passionate mountain bikers in Squamish, B.C. Canada that makes products that they want on their bikes. The company was founded by three former Race Face engineers that together have over 29 years of bike industry experience and have developed some of the most recognizable and award-winning products. They are strong believers in their motto “work less and ride more.” They provide a wide variety of mountain biking components such as dropper posts, pumps, pedals, chainguides, chainrings, and sprockets.

Their chainrings come in both a standard round and oval shaped. When it comes to their oval rings, you’ll get the ultimate traction by smoothing out the torque you deliver to your rear tire. Their sprockets for the rear are what they are more known for. This allows you to take your existing cassette and transforming it into a wider range while also maintaining a smaller jump between the sprockets. When it comes to large tooth-count sprockets on stock cassettes, the jump into the first gear can be massive at times, so having a smaller jump between the gears creates a smoother transition.

If you’re a rider who loves compact tools that stow away nicely out of sight on your bike, instead of carrying them in a bag, then you’ll want to check out the EDC (EveryDay Carry) Tool System. This innovative tool system stores neatly inside your steerer tube and is right at your fingertips whenever you need to make an adjustment or tighten something on your bike. It features all the tools you need to keep your bike running in top shape out on the trail.

Their dropper post is the world’s shortest, long travel dropper post that allows riders to get the long travel they want for their bike without having to sacrifice. In the mountain biking world, more drop is equivalent to more fun, and more fun means you’ll want to ride more frequently. Not only does the post provide longer travel but, it also has a tuneable travel length so you don’t have to get stuck between dropper sizes. These unique travel adjust shims allow riders to custom tune the post by lowering the travel and extended length of your post by as much as 50mm in any increment they want. It also requires no bleeding due to having a cable actuation and has an exceptional remote.

So whether you’re looking upgrade your cassette to lower gearing, looking for innovative storage solutions for your tools, or you’re looking for an exceptional dropper post for your mountain bike, then you’ll want to OneUp your bike. If you have any questions about OneUp Components, or you’re curious which components we’re stoked about, then you can talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.