Press Fit Bottom Brackets


Press Fit Bottom Brackets

The press fit bottom bracket has become common in many newer road and mountain bikes, replacing the threaded style bottom brackets that were the prevailing standard up until about 2010. The press fit style is especially prevalent in higher end bikes, particularly those with carbon fiber framesets.

This threadless style bottom bracket was originally introduced to offer a few key benefits. First, they allow for wider bottom bracket shells and larger frame tubes, which can improve pedaling stiffness. That leads to greater efficiency and more precise handling. Second, they typically save weight compared to threaded bottom brackets because they eliminate the need for a metal sleeve inside the bottom bracket shell.

Removing or replacing a press fit bottom bracket requires special tools. You can have your favorite mechanic at your local shop do this for you, or, if you want to do it yourself, you can purchase the tools here at You will need a tool to remove bearings, and another to press them into the BB shell. We have everything you need from leading brands like Park Tool, Foundation, Chris King and others.

If you are shopping for a new Press Fit bottom bracket, be aware that there are different standards and sizes. These include BB90 and BB95 used in Trek road and mountain bikes respectively, and the PF86/PF92 sizes used by many other major brands including Giant, Scott and Pivot. The numbers refer to the bottom bracket shell width, and typically mountain bikes have wider shells. Alternatives also exist, including the BB30 style that was introduced by Cannondale, and recently updated to BB30A and BB30-83 Ai.

It is a lot to sort out, but once you know what will work with your bike, finding the right bottom bracket is fairly straightforward. At that point, you will just need to decide if you want to upgrade and improve performance with options such as metal cups (instead of plastic) or ceramic bearings over steel. Reach out to one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 951-234-7554. They’ll be happy to help you find the perfect part.