Pedal Rebuild Kits and Parts

Other cycling components garner more notoriety, but few are as important as your pedals, which provide the critical connection between rider and bike, transferring your power into propulsion down the road or trail. That’s why it’s important to keep your pedals spinning smoothly, which can mean the occasional trip to the JensonUSA Pedal Rebuild Kits and Parts department.

We carry a wide range of useful parts for pedals from companies like Crankbrothers, Shimano, Race Face, Campagnolo, iSSi, Spank, and Deity. Among the most popular are replacement spindle and axle kits, which allow you to refurbish your pedals key moving parts without having to replace them all together. These rebuild kits often work with a range of pedals. For example the Shimano Dura-Ace SPD-SL Axle kit is compatible with six different versions of Shimano’s popular Dura-Ace road pedals. Just be sure to check compatibility before making your final choice.

JensonUSA’s Pedal Rebuild Kits and Parts inventory also includes other key items like traction pads for certain pedals, various types of pedal washers, and replacement pins for various types of platform/flat pedals. These replacement pins are especially handy for aggressive mountain bikers who use flat pedals, and whose traction pins inevitably wear down over time. Worn out pins mean less grip for your cycling shoes, which is not something you want when dropping into a technical section of singletrack.

If you have any questions about Pedal Rebuild Kits and Parts, make sure to give one of our Gear Advisors a call at 888-880-3811l. They can help you get your pedals spinning smoothly again.