Road Cycling Shoes

The type of shoes a rider wears while riding has a huge impact on pedaling efficiency and power. Road bike shoes offer higher performance and greater power transfer over tennis shoes on flat pedals. Being able to clip-in to the pedals means riders can push and pull while riding. This increases the power output making climbing and maintaining higher speeds easier. However, not all road shoes are created equal.

Entry level road cycling shoes feature nylon or fiberglass outsoles that provide a stiff platform. They feature Velcro hook and loop straps for the closure system or will have a ratcheting buckle with Velcro straps. These shoes are a great option for cyclists who are getting into cycling shoes for the first time. These shoes are compatible with all road bike cleats and some of them are even compatible with the two-bolt mountain bike style cleat.

Mid to upper-level cycling shoes will have carbon fiber outsoles which increase the stiffness rating of the shoe significantly. Not only is carbon fiber stiffer than nylon, but it also comes with weight savings too. Carbon fiber road bike shoes are a great option for cyclists who want to race or enjoy riding longer distances. These shoes use Boa dials, laces, and ratcheting buckles for the closure system. Boa dials are the ultimate choice for cyclists looking for the perfect fit. Some high-end cycling shoes have moldable insoles for the ultimate fit.

Road bike shoes have a three-hole triangle pattern on the sole and are compatible with Shimano SPD-SL cleats or any cleat that has a three-hole pattern. Unlike MTB shoes, road bike shoes are not designed to be walked in. These shoes will come with heel pads to protect the outsole and some cleats will have rubber pads to protect the cleat and shoe. It is not recommended to walk long distances in road bike shoes, but short distances are fine.

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