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A bike bell can add both some style and safety to your bike. As human beings, we are all attracted to the sound of a bell. If we hear a bell, we instantly turn to see where the sound came from. Because of this reaction, a bell is a great accessory to have on your bike to notify others of your presence. Whether you are shopping for a pretty bike bell for your daughter or are searching for a trail bell to use while mountain biking, we have a large selection of bike bells here at JensonUSA.

All bike bells attach to the handlebar either with a plastic loop that you slide over the edge of the handlebar or an elastic strap that wraps around the handlebar. Many bells with a plastic loop require you to take off your grip, brake, and shifter to install the bell. Bells with an elastic strap do not require any components to be removed from the handlebars. It is also important to install the bell with at least a slight gap between the bell and the nearest component. If the edge of the bell is touching another component, the bell cannot vibrate which defines the sound.

For mountain biking, many people use a “cow bell” style bell which constantly rings when shaken. This allows for other people on the trail to know a biker is coming before they can see them. These bells are especially important on trails that have a lot of blind turns. Some companies have also created bells that you can turn on and off. You can turn the bell off when climbing so it doesn’t annoy you and then turn it on while descending to warn people you are coming.

If you have any questions about bike bells or bike safety, hop on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811. They are always happy to help you with any questions you may have. Keep Pedaling!