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Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are another important part when it comes to the effectiveness of a brake system. Rotors come as small as 140mm in diameter and go up to just above 200mm. Typically smaller rotors like 140mm are reserved for road and cyclocross while larger rotors are designed for mountain biking. Generally, the larger the rotor, the more braking power a rider will have. Also, larger rotors can dissipate heat over a larger surface area.

One of the biggest enemies of brake rotors is heat. Too much heat will lead to brake fade, which has a negative impact on braking performance. This is why manufacturers use slotted rotors, so heat can escape from the brake pads easier. Some brands make rotors that use cooling fins like Shimano with their Freeza technology. This technology incorporates aluminum fins that provide a larger surface area so heat can escape the rotor easier. This leads to better braking performance and longer pad life.

There are two types of rotors out there: 6-bolt rotors and centerlock rotors. 6-bolt rotors simply use 6-bolts to mount the rotor to the wheel while centerlock rotors slide onto a splined area and use a lock ring similar to what a cassette uses. When it comes to brake rotors, our Jenson USA Gear Advisors are here to answer your questions, whether it's about rotor size or rotor technology. You can chat, email, or call us at 951-234-7554.