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Bike Cables and Housing

Whether it's controlling your derailleurs or your brakes, you'll need cables and housing for your bike. Cables are what connect the derailleurs to the shifters and the brake calipers to the brake levers. The housing protects the cable from the elements and helps guide it to the place it needs to go. Not all cables and housing are created equal though. The type of cable and housing a rider uses could positively or negatively affect the performance of their bike. That's why riders need to pick the right type for their setup.

There are two different types of cables: brake cables and shift cables; each with their own respective housing. Brake cables are larger at 1.6mm in diameter and use a 5mm diameter cable housing. Derailleur cables are 1.2mm in diameter and use a 4mm diameter cable housing. These cables come in different materials and come with different coatings that allow them to have less friction so they slide more freely through the housing. You wouldn't think a cable made such a difference. Let's not forget about crimps, ferrules and guides though. Without a cable crimp, the end of the cable has the potential to fray, compromising its integrity and without a ferrule, the housing has the potential to fray.

Cables and housing don't have to be a boring subject though. These seemingly unexciting parts of the bike can actually add character to any ride. A black mountain bike will pop with green or orange cable housing and you can change it up to add more personality. Here at Jenson USA, we're all about adding an extra layer of coolness to our bikes and if you need expert advice with choosing the right cables and housing for your rig, just contact our Gear Advisors.