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Chainring Shims & Spacers

When it comes to bikes, sometimes even the smallest parts can make a significant difference in overall performance. That certainly can be the case with chainring shims and spacers.

Indeed, the correct chainring spacers can serve as a replacement for lost parts, or help improve chainline and in turn enhance overall drivetrain efficiency. But you need to choose the right one, as they typically come in an array of thicknesses, such as Wheels MFG Alloy Chainring Spacers, which are offered in 1.2mm, 2mm, 2.2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm options.

Chainring shims can serve a similar importance, such as the Race Face Chainring Shim four-pack that can help you cleanly convert your triple chainring set-up into a 2x10, or double ring configuration into the increasingly popular 1x drivetrain, all the while allowing you to still use your original chainring bolts and keep your bike’s overall look clean and dialed. These shims can also aid in set-up when you have carbon crankarms but are not using a bashguard or an outer ring.

And as always, if you have questions about fitment or general compatibility, JensonUSA’s Gear Advisors are manning the phones at 951-234-75541 and ready to provide the guidance and answers you need to get the job done right the first time.