Full Speed Ahead

Whether you’re a mountain biker or a road rider, you’ve probably heard of FSA, also known as Full Speed Ahead. FSA produces exceptional bicycle components for road cycling and mountain biking. They also support many of the world’s leading road and mountain bike teams. They are most well-known for their lightweight and high-strength stems, handlebars, and cranksets, but they also produce other excellent components like headsets, chains, stems, tools, wheels, seatposts, brakes, drivetrains for road bikes, and so much more.

FSA invests heavily in research and development to provide components that use the latest cutting edge technologies. They use years of study and 3D modeling to design, evaluate, and validate the product design before they create their products. Using the most advanced techniques when working with carbon fiber or aluminum allows FSA to produce products that have superior strength to weight ratio. FSA also ensures that as well as meeting or exceeding CEN Certification standards, that their in-house testing procedures continually push the safety and performance capabilities of all products.

Their handlebars are put through hard drop impact destructive tests to ensure the durability meets the highest standards. So you know when you ride with their FSA SLK handlebars, you’ll have something that will last a long time. Their handlebars come in either aluminum or handlebar and feature multiple different widths, bends, and styles. There are handlebars for every type of rider, including racers, mountain bikers, endurance riders, and much more. Much like their bars, their stems also come in either carbon fiber or aluminum and feature multiple lengths and rise options.

One of their more popular components is their cranksets. The FSA Gossamer crankset can often be found stock on many complete bikes. Their cranksets often fit MegaExo or BB386EVO bottom brackets. Common technology found in FSA cranksets includes hollow forging aluminum technology that provides superior strength-to-weight ratio and hollow molded carbon technology that delivers great strength and featherlight weight.

FSA also has a high tech electronic groupset that uses wireless technology to communicate with your derailleurs. It comes in two lever sizes for optimal ergonomics and has adjustable reach. With unidirectional carbon levers and energy saving composite pulleys on the rear derailleur, you’ll have one of the highest-quality and lightweight drivetrains out there.

While there are so many more FSA bike components to outfit your bike with, you’ll find many of them at Jenson USA. Riders demand the most from their bikes, so they should get the best components. So whether you’re looking for a stem that is lighter than most other stems, an FSA crankset, or a headset, then you’ll find everything you want with FSA and Jenson USA. If you have any questions about them or you want to know what gear we’re stoked about, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.